Exclusive Final Expense Leads

It's absolutely true. Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any good insurance agent.  Some agents are willing to accept old contacts or shared leads, but smart agents invest in fresh, exclusive leads at every opportunity.

What is a Completed Lead?

1. Finished, finalized, fulfilled, concluded, done.
2. Accomplished, achieved, settled.

Our leads are exclusive, sent to you, and only you. They aren't shared with other agents, and aren't resold.

They aren't old, aged, or stale. They aren't received by snail-mail, or generated on platforms like Facebook, where people are impossible to reach.

Each lead is fresh, recently contacted by telephone, and TCPA compliant. More importantly, they're expecting to hear from a licensed agent. We provide the recorded call with every single lead we send you.

Why do the most successful agents outsource final expense lead generation? The main reason is that it allows them to get in front more qualified prospects, and create a massive increase in selling opportunities. We leverage call centers to find the prospects, so you spend your time selling instead of prospecting. Our data capabilities allow us to reach your prospects in a very cost effective manner.

Why Completed Leads?


Our highly trained lead generators provide quality leads, so you can focus on selling.  Instead of sending you a list of names, we send you real selling opportunities, complete with recordings of each initial contact.


We run your campaign after you order, and your leads are shared with no one else, giving you the maximum chance of converting your prospects into customers. Their phone number isn't getting hammered by 20 other agents, and no one is trying to swoop in to replace a policy you just wrote.


Our leads are perfect to contact by phone for final expense telesales, because you know they answer their phone. In fact, as you'll hear in our sample leads, to the right, they're even expecting you to call.



What Types of Agents Use These Leads?

If your first contact with the prospect is by phone, then these are perfect for you. Our low minimum lead orders are great for independent agents as well as FMOs. These leads are a great part of any overall marketing plan, and the agents that use them usually fit into a few broad categories.

Agents That Prefer Telesales

If you sell entirely over the phone, these are the best senior final expense telesales leads. You have verified proof that the prospect answers their phone. You also have proof the prospect has just been reached by phone, and said they are interested in hearing from an agent. Not only that, but in many cases, you'll have some idea of who the beneficiary will be before you make the phone call. Telesales agents, work state-wide, so our process is perfect for you.

Agents That Call to Set Appointments

Most agents, who do face to face sales, start with a phone contact to set the appointment. Take a look at our sample leads. They come complete with address data, so you can verify the address when you make the appointment. In that case, there is no reason to discuss the amounts or beneficiary. Just use your normal appointment setting script and set the appointment.

These leads will be super-responsive, and contacted way easier than leads from Facebook, internet forms, or direct mail. Let's be honest. In those cases, we can't know for sure if the prospect even has a phone.

Free Sample Leads

Our sample leads will show you what you can expect.

Sample Leads

How are the Leads Generated?

After you place an order, we get right to work. Several steps are taken to deliver great quality, at an affordable cost.

TCPA Compliant Data

First, everything starts with the data. We gather data in your area, and filter for age range. Then we remove numbers from "do not call" lists before any attempted contacts.

Call Center Technology

Once the data is TCPA compliant, our call center dials the numbers with our fully trained lead agents ready to take the calls.

Trained Agents

Our call center agents are fully trained, and have extensive experience working telemarketed final expense campaigns. Our technology and training results in high quality, low cost results. Our scripts make it clear that an agent will be calling the prospect back.

Leads Delivered by Email

We deliver your leads by email in an excel spreadsheet, along with a recording for each lead, where you'll hear the prospect answer the phone and interact with our call center staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy leads for final expense insurance?

Scroll above for the order form, and choose your geographical targeting (either state, area codes, or counties). If you'd like multiple states, you can also specify that in the "Your State, Area Code, or County" section.  Afterward, you'll move to secure payment processing. Once payment is accepted, we'll get to work filling your order.

What is your lead credit policy?

We strive for 100% satisfaction, and you can always call our customer support line at 888-966-7993. We will credit leads within seven days, under the following circumstances.

  • Number disconnected, fax machine, or some other connection problem: These are caused by data entry errors, and may be remedied by correcting the errors.
  • Wrong language: This is also a clerical error in most cases, and we will replace those leads.

Do you accept recurring or volume orders?

Yes, we accept recurring, volume, and custom orders. Instructions are provided after your first order. Many agents like to put their orders on autopilot so they have one less thing to do each week.

Are life insurance and final expense insurance leads the same?

Yes and no. Typically, life insurance is a broader term. You do sell life insurance to final expense leads, usually whole life policies designed for seniors, simplified issue, with no medical exams.

Do you help with training?

Yes. Along with your first lead order, we'll send you links to some of the best available training, as well as tips and tricks to make the most of your leads.

What to text final expense leads?

For the senior demographic, we don't suggest texting. We know they're responsive by voice call, and many final expense customers use land lines, so it's unknown if they'll be reachable by text.

How much does a final expense lead cost?

Our fixed price model allows you to plan ahead. Prices are listed above in our order table. Prices are subject to change.

What are the payment options?

For your convenience and security, we offer secure payment options on our website.  We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Diners Card
  • Bitcoin

Have other questions?  Call us at 888-966-7993, or contact us by email.

Completed Leads

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