Final Expense Facebook Leads

Are they working? What are the best practices?

If you've thought about selling final expense insurance using Facebook ads, you're not alone. An entire industry has sprung up using Facebook Lead Ads, which is what we'll discuss below.

How Do They Work?

Users see an ad on Facebook, and then fill out a form without leaving the Facebook website. This is convenient for users and also convenient for marketers.

What are the Advantages of Final Expense Facebook Leads?

They're inexpensive. The users don't leave Facebook, which can lead to high conversion rates.

Tech savvy clients. If the prospect uses Facebook, then they probably also use email, and may be able to sign documents through email.

What are the Disadvantages Facebook Final Expense Leads?

Low intent. Since the users never leave Facebook, they haven't invested much time or thought. Things mostly look the same on Facebook, so they may not be familiar with your brand, the brand of the lead generator, or even remember the topic. 

Outdated info. With Facebook Lead Ads, the user's email and phone number are usually pre-filled. In a lot of cases, this will be the email, phone, and address that they used when they signed up.

They were only reached by Facebook. There is no way to know if their contact information is correct. These prospects were only reached on Facebook so far.

The Bottom Line

You can probably do ok with Facebook final expense leads, but you'll need good follow-up systems in place. It will also help if you have a great professional presence on Facebook, since that's where these prospects hangout.

Completed Leads

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