What are Aged Direct Mail Leads?

"Direct mail" is sent straight to the mailbox of prospects, usually just to certain age groups or demographics. For instance, a direct mail campaign might target people aged 50-80.

Aged leads are leads that are not current. They were generated sometime in the past and usually already sold to one or (many) more agents.

It's possible that someone has contacted them and sold them insurance. It's also possible that no one has been able to reach them. Or they may have been contacted by and agent already, and turned them down.

What are the Advantages of Aged Direct Mail Final Expense Leads?

They're cheap. These are some of the cheapest leads you can buy anywhere.

High intent. At one time, these prospects were interested enough to fill out a card and put it back in their mailbox. This may have been a long time ago, but at one time, they seemed pretty interested.

What are the Disadvantages of Aged Direct Mail Final Expense Leads?

They're old. The data may not be current. At one time, we know the address was correct.

They were only reached by mail. Lots of people don't answer their phones, and in this case, all we know is that they dropped a postcard in the mail. If they're able to be reached, they've probably already talked to lots of agents. If they're not able to be reached, then that isn't good either.

They're non-exclusive. They've been sold before, and will probably be sold again.

The Bottom Line

These leads are cheap because you'll need to work a lot of them for each sale. Some people have better methods than others. Expect to make tons of calls, and lots of door knocking.

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